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“My son, Alvin Mwangi is in grade 12, and is aspiring to study Bio Tech Engineering. Please take him on as an apprentice. I think this is a good platform for the grooming of his kind”          Windhoek, Namibia 
Eva Wisdom
“Very inspirational indeed, and good works you well done Nambili..”          London, United Kingdom 
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“I am also equally impressed by your impressive website and what you are striving to do achieve for Namibia as Bio - Engineer particularly in matters such as DNA.”          Windhoek, Namibia 
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The increasing illegally poaching in Sub-Sahara Africa has led the establishment of veterinary database   [ more ]   
Members of (NFSI) inspecting a scene of crime.
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  • Bioengineering Class of 2015
  • Biotech and MedicinesBiomarkers: These are the substances, often proteins, the biomarkers can be used for measuring a biological function, identifying disease's process, or determining responsiveness of medical therapy.
  • BiotechnologyBiotechnology has made some rapid progress over the last quarter of 21 century. Much of these successful progress are due to a societal contributions and development rendered by biotech for new medical technologies.
  • Careers in BiotechnologyBiotech is responsible for many things that make our lives better. The field is a multidiverse, normally focuses on the intersection of biology and technology,which leading to a vast array of new products, vaccine production and genetic modification.
  • CIU Engineering students
  • CIU medical studentsApply now to study at Cyprus International University, one of the most prestigious and multinational institution in Mediterranean region.
  • Cutting Edge of BiotechnologyScience and technology are the main pillars that can propel any nations to the epitome of modern civilization .Therefore investment in those two segments must be a priority.
  • Cyprus International UniversityGet an opportunity to study at CIU and grab a life-time moment of minggling with a vast multicultural environment while you earning an international exposure.
  • DNA ForensicsA Scientific Crime Lab in police force that use DNA Phenotyping ID could assist the authority to identify quickly any faceless criminal behind those well crafted crimes.
  • DNA TechnologyThe RapidHIT system is the next generation automated technologies that produce standardized DNA profiles of a human within 90 minutes.
  • Genomic and ResearchWe are rapidly approaching the point in modern epoc where we have managed to sequenced some millions of human genomic data.
  • High Resolution Microscope
  • Nambili SamuelIn a practical Lab Experiment...
  • Namibian PoliceThe national police force has a quite great privilege of benefiting from the service being provided by National DNA Database.
  • National DNA DatabaseThe molecular of applied DNA database has multiple uses and applications in Forensics,Heath and Security Identification.
  • Recombinant DNA Engineering
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DNA Database Component

A database is computer-based system contains biological information “Bio-data” regulated and maintained by the 

government, or controlled by private entity. The technology is a must-have tool in facilitate state’s machineries like police, 

immigration, forensics, heathcare and national security apparatus. This system has a high scores in countries that already

deployed DNA technology in efforts of crime prevention, analysis, monitoring, investigations, deterrence and identification.

Today, many countries worldwide are turning to DNA technologies, includes our neighboring nations e.g Botswana, South

Africa and plus Tanzania that planing to establish their own center. DNA has became a modern forensic instrument used to 

resolve multiple of crime convictions, exonerate wrongly accused people, identify missing people, settling paternalistic

disputes among families, assisting medical examiners to identifying bodies that burned or decomposed beyond recognition 

like the case of examining humans’ remains in 11 September’s disaster where victims of horrific event, their bodies burned

completely. National DNA Database in a country can lift a lid on some of mysterious crimes for instance a well-crafted acts

done by psychopaths e.g B-1 Butcher where most other traditional methods failed to produce satisfactory solution. The 

advancement for national investigative technologies is priority since criminal landscape is also becoming more complex. We

add that it’s very important to make sure that special technologies like these ones are within our reach. DNA technology is a

game changer in criminal intelligence and solving cases which sometimes are so complex for using conventional means. 

The system can open a door for new wonderful medical innovations as far as genetic researches is concerned [ more  


Phenotype is a biological traits from special gene that gives an individual's observable traits [ more ]


Biometrics are physical features on a person's body that give a distinctive appearance [ more ]
CIU' Faculty of Engineering [medical engineering]
A Comprehensive National DNA database would take any  country into a resilient technical dimension of modern civilization,  where both medicines, justice and security will ripe huge profits.  It’s worthed for any nation to lays its nest by throwing a single straw of grass at a time by building its own platform. We could tweak the exist forensic components together with other necessary utilities to create a state-of-art database which will allow police force,health care and entire authoritative administration to benefit. The police will afford to analyze biological information and identify easily every person whom being investigated or suspected of committing crime,  DNA can be digitalized into a computer profile which this enable the police to acquire en excellent record keeping and crime statistics. The technologies are already there: Thanks to RapHit technology and Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) which are 4th generation genetic software for sequencing DNA instantly. The introduction of new innovations in forensic community have outsmarted other traditional investigative applications such as FingerPrint System  (FPS) that store digital ridges in the database system and makes finger prints matchable with stored data or evidence from  scenes of crime or obtained from suspects. [ more ]                                                                                                                                                              Skepticism: The benefit of using DNA database is out-weighting the gravity nature of negatives and common skepticism that postulated by several civil activists. The technologies might be perceived as invasion of privacy in actual sense, but saving innocent lives through crime  prevention,deterrence and revolutionize medicines surely this is a higher priority. Our noble goal is base on general retaliation that no criminal should permitted or sneak out and walk free from his or her crime without having faced the wrath of justice; otherwise the integrity and welfare of society will diminish. There is no daunt for a person fearing DNA database being introduced in country like Namibia if you are a legal binding-citizen with free guilty conscious. What do you have to fear about if you are not a criminal? Or is a matter of moral trust for your own government that will run DNA database? Please understand that your DNA will never be criminalize by a government. As long as you are not involved in any activities that would need your biological information to be ‘primed’ in a database.  We encouraging everybody to see a comprehensive database as means to minimize crime acts.  Imagine the small nations like ours which is suspected to human trafficking and drug cartels and among other marauders, who might forge Namibian IDs, so it very crucial at this juncture to allow the Biometric system in Home Affairs which linked with (biodata) biological identification of each and everyone. This will make it double harder to those international syndicates who always have intention to get fake national documentations from less countries in order to facilitate their global agenda. Necessity: The establishment of DNA database should be implemented with help and information from all citizens, young and old in order to  level the balance between security vs privacy of the society. We advise that its operational activities shouldn’t been seen as a substitution of other traditional investigative tools, but should viewed as extra supplement aiding to already existing analysis and applications that need enhancement in order to propel medical advancement and provide swift crime investigations, fair trials and  speedy prosecution. The important reason of having this entity, will make the state to spend less resource when much of its heavy budget that oftentimes invested into repetitive campaigns to fighting crimes has been spared merely to none after multiples potential of crime-driven intents have mitigated or entirely subdued. Some people may overseeing an implementation of the National DNA system in Namibia as a costly adventure, which is not. Overall, DNA database is almost equivalent to the current national budgetary and expenditures of crime-stopping campaigns less mentioning prolonged costy investigations and court backlogging that thrown out of the doc sometimes because there is lack of scientific evidence and much state’s resources are being wasted by spending on unnecessary importations and outsourcing humanpower which add extra capitals to have DNA examination done abroad.
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                                A Comprehensive DNA Database

What is DNA Database?

Mission of Biotechnology


NAMPOL’s forensic members

probing the scene of crime.
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This is an educational project that aspiring for the introduction of Bioscience in the Republic of Namibia. On this website we demonstrate the significance and importance of DNA technology.
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Bioinformatic is a new field that applys computer and biology to develop applications necessary for scientific innovation [ more ]
Is a medical repository contains genetic profiles of all personnel in military. The medical has a legitimate to know the blueprint of soldiers. [ more ]
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