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DNA technology has brought new booming industry in the field of private investigation (crime scene investigation) and other life-brokers that bargaining biodata through covert test to their clients for profits. If you’ve never heard about DNA covert gathering, then you might be surprised to learn that the police in fact are not the only ones who can harvesting biological samples or processing DNA testing for confirming the identity of a target source. Nowadays’ private investigators offer any person the ability to witness in whatever evidence you can fathom in order to prove things like:  - Infidelity instigations. - Paternity or Maternity testing. - Proof of family connection or - Immigration surveillance. - Political blackmailing, this could be motivated by political conspiracy. Reasons for Secret DNA gathering: 1. Government Services Some of reasons why state’s big brother conducting covert forensic gathering, this could be due to many reasons such as governmental benefit and services required. DNA evidence is needed in most cases of disputable inheritance, example the case of lemba tribe in Zimbabwe- Zambia. In Namibia you may use genetic investigation to level the dispute among local chiefs and hairs for instance san people or himba [ Ondonga kingship blood-tie and squabble] these type of common saga over royal family closeness and legacy that so,so members are related with certain person,family,tribal group,nation,race in claiming to be a legitimate with the ancestry. Thus, these kind of in-heritage problems in the societies can generate infighting or cause instability if left unsolved. Those self-stagers in the community could wrongly enthroned as chief of particular traditional authority, without a trust and love from the local people, and such illegitimate element will be entitled for governmental recognition and state privileges as traditional or local authority. So, therefore the state can conduct covert forensic testing without arousing the attention of those rival parties involved, just with the purpose to ascertain or establish true authenticity of whose real direct related with royal families. State’s intervention in families’ matters should not be direct or compulsory, but it should be a necessity especially if there is a serious royal squabbles that might go out of proportion. The government can gather the required information on reasonable ground just to have its own testimony. DNA Dragnet This is an enormous expansion of police superstitious DNA extraction, search, snatch and process as part of campaign to identify or ear-marking certain elements whom suspect of serious crime commission or other illicit. The government can develops the genetic identities, so that in case if they commit any crime their status and characteristics are know. Although , this undercover process is good for crime prevention it may nab criminals who would otherwise elude capture, it may also ensnare the genetic information of innocent people in the whole process. 2. DNA Paternity and Familiar Testing A parent may suspects that a child is not genetically related to the family and plans to disinherit or disown such child if is true that he/she is not biologically related, so covert/overt DNA testing is a right solution which is always less offensive. A young,wealth woman who may involved in a romantic relationship and wants to find out whether her partner carries a healthier gene for strong offspring. A couple who would like to know if their prospective adoptive child has any potential health predisposition problems before actual take a final decision. A suspicious father may obtain secretly a sample of his child’s DNA for testing without the mother’s consent or knowledge to prove if he is real biological father 3. Celebrity DNA Theft In order to make a good sell and make interesting headlines, some media house may engage in “genetic trophy hunting,” which is attempting hiring a forensic agent to steal the DNA of public figures and celebrities to create funny out them. In this culture that obsessed with celebrity lifestyles, it’s no surprise for tabloid to conjure fans’ interest by fixing news of their preferred celebrities, so news owners can ding infos about biological tier. There is a good scenario which is widely publicized, whereby British media made a headline in 2002 about a woman plotting to steal hair from Prince Harry to see whether he was really Prince Charles’s biological child. The alleged plot was involved hiring a woman to befriend Prince Harry and get close enough to pluck a few hairs from his head.  On some websites like eBay there is section suggesting market for genetic trophy of people like President Barrack Obama, Elvis,Hilary  Clinton and other famous persons. In most cases these genetic information on-line was obtained from people without their rightful consent. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………
A DNA sample that gathered in open sources is very hard for judicial system to criminalize covert harvesters who collect non-consensual materials from public places like swimming pools, bars and etc which is ambiguously abandoned. Such this activities are so constraint in nature that afford DNA harvesters a good chance to collect genetic materials from discarded objects rather than confront the victim physically.  These methods used by most agents is not a potentially intrusion upon any legislative law or infringement of human privacy. Most courts in this situation are always clueless and more likely to find that abandoned DNA samples in public places cannot be a subject of a conventional theft nor either such action need a prosecution.
Spies are known for unique tradecraft and their obsessiveness with latest technologies. Whether it’s explosive made out of chewing gum like a movie thriller portrayed in "Mission impossible," or  honey- pot featured in a fictional movies like James Bond  and or Narcotic dealing in panama clandestine, which perhaps you may have watched before. So, every secret agent whether in military, police or civil organizations have one universal purpose in a mind, “to obtain secretly information at all cost”. Therefore modern entities like the one referred in this case, for the purpose to work very efficiently in its mission  and assigned duties to serve the nations, it should always ready for whenever the call came afore. The Informatica agents must attune themselves to all matter that pertaining with legality and be flexibility to go beyond what presumed lawful for the sake of saving lives and uphold national dignity.
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