•	Can a suspect acquitted from DNA evidence?
  Suspect Definition: Who is a suspect?  A suspect can be defendant  who sued or accused in a court of law  or a person thought to be guilty of a crime or offense. Can DNA evidence alone is enough to acquit a suspect or convict a criminal? Currently, YES! However, Forensic DNA is just one of many types of evidence which the court used in affidavit to punish offenders, basically law investigators also look at other clues, such as motive, mode operandi, alibis, and additional supporting evidence linking a suspect to the crime scene. When multiple lines of evidence tell a consistent same story, then investigators can be assured that the samples from a particular suspect were not planted, or either on purpose nor a coincidence, so this means that DNA evidence that taken to the court is not singularly alpha and omega in formulating final decision for the court to sentencing a person. Although DNA evidence is the holy grails that can help acquit or convict suspects in most violent crimes, including rape, murder and etc. In some countries where there is a DNA databases in full operational, they are running a program called Innocence Projects that aiming to exonerate prisoners who were wrongfully convicted of crimes. Since 1992 more specifically the Innocence Projects in countries like U.S.A, Britain and others have used DNA evidence to exonerated over thousands prisoners, including people who were on death row. The project uses DNA profiling evidence to support re-evaluation of previous criminal cases. Those days DNA evidence alone was not enough to get a person out of jail there should be other supporting information: The case must be re- examined by a judge, along with lawyers representing both sides of the case. Nowadays, things have changed due to advancement of DNA technology that revolutionized modern applications and investigations in forensics. Therefore DNA evidence alone could able to exonerate an accused person and same time send you to jail. Criminal Definition: Who is a criminal? A criminal is a person who repetitively involving in illegal activities or oftentimes committing things relating to crime. One of the biggest problems facing the criminal justice system today is the substantial backlog of unanalyzed DNA samples and pending biological evidence from crime scenes, especially in sexual assault,murder cases and etc.  Too often, crime scene samples wait a quite longer period unanalyzed in police or crime lab storage facilities.  Timely analysis of these samples and the rapid methods of matching such information in DNA databases can avert tragic delay.  The system still have a problem whereby Law Enforcement Agencies arresting and charge a person who commit homicide fore instance or a convicted rapist who he is a serial criminal, these same people they often abscond their criminality when the state guaranteed them bail or freed them. And afterward they be re-arrested again commit a crime of same magnitude. This is serious challenges facing criminal justice system that oftentimes trying to retrial criminals who done multiples offenses over and over. Criminals who repeatably involved in violent crimes were not suppose to be scheduled for parole nor their DNA profiles eliminated from the database, because once been released they will murder someone again. DNA analysis has significantly improved police investigations in the following ways: 1. Solve particularly difficult cases where all other investigative techniques have failed 2. Provide clues where there are no witnesses. 3. Find application in an ever-widening range of cases. 4. Reduce the number of wrongful arrested people. 5. Increase the reliability of evidence in court room. 6. Link together cases that otherwise could not be connected, such as local cases that ranging from house-breaking,robberies, serial assaults or murders, and major international investigations.    Resources:                     
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