The custodians should consider efficiency of the involving laboratories, personnel’s performance in relation to DNA analysis and crime scene management. The international exchange of DNA information is also supervised in this regard, where national police forge an alliance or collaboration for DNA’ exchanging with Interpol and other states, in assisting tracking down cross border’s crimes.


Genetic database is a property that wholly in best interest for the state, so the state holds political jurisdiction for oversight.  It is the duty of the state to enact proper forensic law that aimed to protect and control such National DNA Database through an established supreme order of National Constitution that further enhance personal privacy, balancing liberty right against misuse of people’s  secret details. The cabinet have control over the sources and resources of DNA database in a similarly manner where the state owing 100% of National ID cards and passports’ databases which are governmental mandated schemes that guarded with high responsibilities and ownership to manage the entire administrative system of Home Affairs [ more ]

Ministry of Home Affairs

As bioscience and general technology grows the NDNAD hold magnitude potentials in future, there will be a time when DNA biometry ID is required by every citizens. It’s in the best interest for the state to link its citizenry data to the new unfolding biological token for the purpose of national identification. The entity and its advancing applications will afford physical body scanners biological PIN to be connected to the National Documents such as medical health passports, national passport and [ATM cards]  The  futuristic scanable bio-token may have just the virtual ID number, or it may carry other extra information that disclose a person’s history records e.g. criminal, education and employment status. This additional information may be designed to guide immigration officials and Home Affairs in authenticating people with DNA national number that contains additional information about the holder’s biological records and ancestry heritage [ more ]

Police Force

Police force has enforcing power to ensuring the harmonious nature of DNA forensic is prevailing in maintaining safety and security of the nations. Police force binds to special rules that necessitate its functions and allow officers to conduct approved operations in-line with the integrity and ethics of the National DNA Database. Police officials and forensic scientists should bind to those set standards whenever enforcing procedures that necessary needed for DNA extraction and other technicalities.

Judicial and Justice

state’s legal system have regulative power for overseeing to it that all mechanism involves in carryout genetic information example, court evidence presentation, acquisitions ,gathering and execution follow a legal arrant and court warrant in order to process scientific information that required to create the DNA profiles of unknown or known ‘active offenders like burglary, rapes, murderers, robbery, and vehicle crimes [ more ]
The Supreme Law that guides the sovereignty
South Africa has experienced high crime rate, of which many of crime-doers who commit crime repeatably freed due to lack of scientific evidence in court. The government introduce new law to step up the existing DNA Database in South Africa which has been around through default and evolved under [ schedule 8 ] of Criminal Procedure  Act of 1977. The new DNA Act #27 of 2013  came  into being after police realized some inadequate in a forensic regulation that guides DNA profiles on a National DNA Database. The new DNA Act ensures that the future of the current DNA Database should be expanded and managed in appropriate manner.
DNA Custodianship
President Pohamba (former) officiate the National Assembly's resume.
                                      National DNA Act Currently, there is no DNA Act or sufficient forensic law in Namibia, that could give a blessing to National DNA Database. Although there are Ad Hoc sort of clauses in the Criminal Procedure Act, 2004 (Act No.56) as amended from the Act no 29 of 1985. Politicians need to formulate a proper parliamentary bill in accordance with Namibian Constitution in order to maximize those existing patches found in forensic provisions in CPA. (Schedule 8)
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These are Namibian parliamentalians who have responsibilities to form national legislatures.
  RSA’ DNA Act
Custodianship: Is a collective committee act as an authoritative body that have official jurisdiction for overseeing the functions of forensic activities include DNA database. The main players in this body are  mainly Cabinet, Justice (judicial courts), Police Force,(safety & security) Forensics and participatory laboratories (scientists) that handling genetic information by delivering or retrieving them from National DNA Database. The principal function of putting up a custodianship oversight is to maintain the integrity of the DNA database. In other countries like UK; U.S.A;  Canada;Australia and among others who already have the same system. This special collective body has given a sole responsibility for ensuring the security; management of the national DNA database and ensure the accuracy of the information stored under it. There are international protocols of how DNA samples must be processed or collected and so  too the procedures entail on profiles retaining and elimination. Those rules governing genetic information  are accorded by World GenBank under UN conventions, that formalize declaration and ratifications on human genetic data (Bioethics) that guarding Forensic Act and scientific researches in every country.

        DNA Custodians:

1. The Cabinet 2. Ministry of Home Affairs (Custom and Immigration) 3. Safety and Security (Police Force and Intelligence) 4. National Forensic Institute 5. Participatory laboratories (Scientists) 6. Appointed independent parties (lay man)
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