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Nambili Samuel is Bioengineering student  at Cyprus International University, (CIU). He is Pan African scholar  treatise on African  political narratives and science theories. He has done quite subjects in biotechnology and IT courses. He is a blog that wrote numerous public articles some published in local publications, such as African Prospective and diaspora news. 
Nambili Samuel [CIU]
Mariah Muhongo is a career biotechnologist, obtained a Bsc degree 1st class with distinction from JSS University (JSSU) in India. She major in bioinformatics, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular, genetics and nanotechnology. Mariah has done her internship at Central Veterinary Laboratory in Windhoek and also been a lab technician at northern health laboratory in Oshakati, currently she works in Windhoek.
Mariah Muhongo [JSSU]
Victor Haimbala is studying toward Bsc in Biomedical Science at  (UNAM). Haimbala matriculated in 2013 at Haimbili Haufiku Senior Secondary School, Eenhana circuit, Ohangwena region in northern Namibia. Mr. Haimbala is fascinated by the idea of building up a community of medical specialists and like a platform of National DNA Database, he currently lives in Windhoek.
Victor Haimbala (Biomedical) UNAM
Lydia Hamata born in Namibia and she lives in Canada, she studied at the University of Toronto  with a specialization in Human Biology and Neuroscience. She have been working in Toronto Hospitals conducting medical research in a variety of sectors; such as Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Brain imaging using PET and Anesthesia. Lydia have a passion for sciences and inspired to make a positive contribution to Namibia by building up a scientific community.
Lydia Hamanta [University of Toronto]
Mr. Geofrey Kawaya born in Lusaka, he is a Namibian-Zambian student studying toward a 4 years Bsc in Bioengineering at Cyprus International University (CIU). He has done some subjects such as Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology for engineers, Bioprocesses and among others. He is basing in Lefkosa, Hamitikoy Northern Cyprus.
Geofrey Kawaya [CIU]