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How do genes affect our health?
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This is an educational project that aspiring for the introduction of Bioscience in the Republic of Namibia. On this website we demonstrate the significance and importance of DNA technology.
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Genes affect our chances of having  common illnesses, like heart disease, asthma, diabetes and influencing many other factors, such as diet, lifestyle and biologically/physically traits. Human genes are so crucial in several ways that are effecting the immune system to defends us from invading pathogens. Therefore the genetic essence contribute to some factors responsible for our general wellbeing. The research on Human stem cell [ read ] is another promising aspect that scientists busy studying about the fundamental core of human’s design and how genes contribute to immune-back up system  .
What ‘s DNA database? A DNA database is computer-based system that contains biological information “Big Data” which  regulated and maintained by  the government, or controlled by private entity. This technology is a must- have tool to facilitate the state’s machineries like Police, Immigration,Forensic, Heath Care and Security.
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