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Who own National DNA database?
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About National DNA Database

This is an educational project that aspiring for the introduction of Bioscience in the Republic of Namibia. On this website we demonstrate the significance and importance of DNA technology.
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What ‘s DNA database? A DNA database is computer-based system that contains biological information “Big Data” which  regulated and maintained by  the government, or controlled by private entity. This technology is a must- have tool to facilitate the state’s machineries like Police, Immigration,  Forensic, Heath Care and  Security.
Genetic database is a property that wholly in best interest for the state. So the state has political jurisdiction for command-ship. The government has power to enact proper law which aimed to protect and control such database through a balanced  supreme order of the National Constitution that further enhance personal privacy, balancing liberty right against misuse of people’s genetic details. Similarly, in exact fashion manner, the state is controlling over other resources like our National ID cards and passports’ database which are governmental mandated schemes in which the government retained ownership of the entire administrative system.
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