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If we didn’t have genetic mutations, we wouldn’t have a creation
Why do scientists study genes ?
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This is an educational project that aspiring for the introduction of Bioscience in the Republic of Namibia. On this website we demonstrate the significance and importance of DNA technology.
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What ‘s DNA database? A DNA database is computer-based system that contains biological information “Big Data” which  regulated and maintained by  the government, or controlled by private entity. This technology is a must- have tool to facilitate the state’s machineries like Police, Immigration,Forensic, Heath Care and Security.
The study of human DNA and genetics is a fascinating topic that offers plenty of practical applications such as the use of DNA in court room, the discovery of new therapies that required in addressing various genetic diseases and disorders. If the medical world is equipped with vast knowledge that entails about the design of humans’ fabric, our health services can be in good position of knowing how to tailoring human genome and elucidate some of pending cases about our ancestors’ origin.
Genetic Enhancement: The research on human genetic enhancement holds huge promise for future applications. It will require a thorough understanding about human genetics before scientists can alter the human genome at the embryonic level, but once that is achieved, it may mean an end to certain incurable genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome, congenital deafness and congenital heart defects. More controversial applications may include altering human DNA to enhance athletic ability, intelligence, or other characteristics required.
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