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What is DNA profiling?
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This is an educational project that aspiring for the introduction of Bioscience in the Republic of Namibia. On this website we demonstrate the significance and importance of DNA technology.
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What ‘s DNA database? A DNA database is computer-based system that contains biological information “Big data” regulated and maintained by  the government, or controlled by private entity. The technology is a must- have tool to facilitate the state’s machineries like forensics,medicines,immigrat ion and security.
DNA profiling is a developed technique that was commonly called DNA fingerprinting in 1985. This technology, has became to be known as DNA profiling in modern world.  DNA profile can be used to identify criminals in police investigation. Modern-day DNA profiling, is referred as STR analysis, and is a very sensitive technique which only needs a tiniest DNA trace like few skin cells, a hair root or a sot of blood or saliva. DNA profiling is specifically useful for solving crimes but can also be used to confirm if people are related to each other, such as for paternity testing,genealogy and etc.
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