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Human Stem Cell
Can all people’s profiles loaded into NDNAD?
What ‘s DNA database? A DNA database is computer-based system that contains biological information “Big data” regulated and maintained by  the government, or controlled by private entity. The technology is a must- have tool to facilitate the state’s machineries like forensics,medicines,immigrat ion and security.
Yes! In future all citizens their genetic profiles will be enrolled into a National DNA database, this would allow Home Affairs and health services to deduce necessary biodata and medical personnel to have clear understanding of the roles that genes play when it comes to health conditions, which include immature aging  problems , Acne and other health scourges issues. The benefit of Human Stem Cell, will soon provide a wide accessible reservoir in treatment for people who suffered from cancer. It better if all people’s DNA is known by the government. The bio data would helpful to doctors and scientists in  tracing and identify illness on early on-set in order to draw proper solution for future risk. So, preventative interventions through appropriate action  especially against malignant cancer and growing tumors that need earlier detection is highly important in this special regard.
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