The project hereon the website is a part of my curriculum studies; “DNA sequencing”. The purpose of this project is to educate and inform fellow citizens in order to have a good understanding of pros and cons when dealing with National DNA Database.  This scientific project is also demonstrates the importance of Bioengineers and having more grounded scientists that can steer our small nations forward. Bioengineers and biotechnologists are here to stay, these type cadres will read the revolution for technical innovations and initiate unconventional developing programs that will benefit all humankind.  In this project i have also articulated the basic ethos of having this system in Namibia.  The DNA database has many  benefits to our communities for crime prevention, trace missing people,protects endangered species (RhoDIS), enforce security control and other accreditations. I am willing in offering a presentable knowledge and talent i possessing through National DNA Databases.       Watch the exclusively interview of Dr. Piet Byleveld (a forensic analyst veteran )  and other videos series that i have prepared for you.

Advocacy for  National DNA Database

Security and Safety has no time guarantee !
Member of City Police, look on the ground for suspect's blood stain.
The officers from Windhoek City police examining the  markers on the ground of an unknown culprit(s) that alleged  committed armed burglary and tormented people during the night around Ankara area in Otjomuise, Windhoek. The criminal acts alerted the NAMPOL together with city police to patrol the safe haven of criminals. The area was debushed to paves more visibility on criminal activities.
President of Republic of Namibia,Hage Geikob visits the crime scene. Namibia Police at scene of crime
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A country like Namibia needs  its own home-based genomic center that will assure less cost in contrast of  exporting out DNA samples to South Africa and Canada for analysis.  The sensitizing awareness we have postulated so far throughout some years back have now then awaken NAMPOL for possible forensic database introduction, although our interim concept and technical design of the genetic database might be differer from those of Namibian police aim, since our fundamental idea is to make the system more inclusive to all civil administration (Police-Forensics-Medicines-Biometrics) not only specifically for the criminal intelligece purpose alone. Our utterance through multimedia and social media has sent strong subliminal message to many people that’s why now we have seen law makers engaging in discussions for possibly new forensic bill or genetic Act that may give blessing for genetic database creation. Take a note that we have capacity to transform the entity into a national objective where even people who were so envious about our initiative, will be astonished to the simple grim when the National DNA Database is officially established, we always remain optimistic. “We don’t care who control it, what really matter to us; as longer as we having it in the country” The database will remain an important tool for the state machineries. Security of DNA database’s physical asset: The security of database; it should be treated as highly classified entity that formed multi hierarchical compartmentalization units and network-chain of access, so that its integrity is well protected from any form of ethical corruption, abuse and intrusions. Well, I know the fact that this is a strange proposal to the people like ours.  I know many will not understand how DNA database works and they seeing it as just a DNA storing cabinet, which is not. It may attract some reactions from lame politicians especially those who see the system as threat to privacy right and civil liberties. One of the main reasons in the creation of this project came due to the recidivism of crime rate that sky-rocketing in our shores and other several cases of complex nature examples where the worst monster(s) like Windhoek B-1  serial Killer(s) that still not yet been caught or convicted following after the murder of Juanita Mabula [22-year-old]  Melanie Janse; Sanna Helena //Garoes and etc. These are just few examples i mentioned here from a fraction of the actual functions the database will fulfill. Some people are so cynical by nature; I must state that there is a fear prevailing among general public and this type of fear and misunderstanding toward DNA database needs to be eliminated, so that people, may support the creation of National DNA database. The civil right advocates like my brother Phil ya Nangoloh [NamRight] and other activists perhaps them too will acknowledge the significance of DNA database regardless the assumption of privacy right in the use of genetic information outside the legal or criminal justice system. alternatively those minor issues can be wholly circumvented if there are proper custodian rules put in place to manage the National DNA database.  National DNA database will transforming forensic institute in Namibia (NFSI) to becomes more competent enough in tracing all sort of criminals.
Member of City Police, look on the ground for suspect's blood stain.
Namibian 3thrd-President, Honorable Dr. Hage Geinkob was also one of the participants visited the scene of crime in different case of violent murders of two womans. [ more ]
         National Police Force needs  men and woman who know how to deal with genetic samples to end importation.
The lack of genetic experts  and delayment of DNA samples from RSA hiders NAMPOL’s proper investigations  
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This is an educational project that aspiring for the introduction of Bioscience in the Republic of Namibia. On this website we demonstrate the significance and importance of DNA technology.
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