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To be a national renowned analytic system with cutting edge scientific technologies. To be a prime center that contributing to necessities of the society by improving science and maximizing civil law and order.
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About National DNA Database

This is an educational project that aspiring for the introduction of Bioscience in the Republic of Namibia. On this website we demonstrate the significance and importance of DNA technology.
Project’s Scope
The  main aim of this project  is to demonstrate the significant importance of [NDAD]. Please, be advised that we are not politicians, we are the scientists.  We know if this information get into a wrong head  it might be interpreted wrongly!  Understand that this is only a science project not a movement of lame political isms. It’s a duty of  every patriot and peace-loving citizen to initiate and innovate any idea that holds a good significance for the entire society.  The entity stated here within will aid  (NAMPOL) through DNA technology [ Phenotype ]. Since the entity is a multipurpose it will also improve medical sector.  We must emphasize further that DNA application has became a holy grail of nowadays’ forensic institutions, everywhere in the world. It’s very empirical to state that many investigations are becomingly depending on biological data which is the fundamental core of human biology and life science, whether medical fraternities and security analysis are based on.  Time has came where we could no longer restrict national police’s investigations only on the conventional methods like fingerprinting system (FPS ) for evidence taking; which is already obsolete methods and cannot bust today’s sophisticated minds of criminals who are completely silhouetted behind modern tech. The presence of National DNA Database in Namibia will be a crime deterrence that can be deployed at critical situation to solve difficult cases where genetic evidence is a prime de facto in exonerating wrongly accused person.
National DNA Database…
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